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Work hard, play hard’ is a theme we aspire to personify at THiNK and with that in mind, we pride ourselves on our accelerated environment!  We are culture created with a desire to achieve success. We create a partnership with like-minded ambitious, driven, and resilient people and we understand that in order to outdo everyone they must outwork everyone.

Drive and ambition are no doubt synonymous with our mission, yet providing and exceeding our client's expectations of service is what we chiefly steer towards accomplishing. This is because of that focus and thorough training for our team members, the symbiotic relationship of both individual and client development provides the center of our success! 




The type of people we look for to join our vibrant environment, is just that... VIBRANT. We need people that like people and want to create forever growing communications for our clients. Attitude is always something we are looking to develop in a team member, we want to teach everything from account management, to leadership skills all the way to management of people and back into office and client logistics. We never look for a team member to enter our environment a finished product, we CARE about moulding our people to who they want to be, by using their previous education or experience and excelling it to align with all of their goals. This way we then have someone who is perfect to work with our clients one on one and achieve their goals, keeping everyone happy, after all, having a happy team creates happy customers which creates happy clients. 

Who We Look For

Rogers Gonzalez, CEO

Rogers Gonzalez was born and raised in the Dominican republic, Santo Domingo. He's the oldest out of two siblings (a sister and a brother) so growing up and living with his mom and having his dad away, he had to become the man in the house at a very young age, also with having the background of modeling and sports like; baseball, Cricket, and Soccer he developed his main skills which are; competitiveness, leadership and managing.  Rogers main passion is to become number one at everything that he does.

For college he studied hospitality management in Antigua and Barbuda, because the choice of  business or marketing degrees where lacking with Antigua being a very small island.  He was always looking into the future of what he wanted to do which was to run his own business. But at this stage of his life he couldn't choose for the lack of opportunities in the Sunny island. Rogers ended up getting his bachelors in Hospitality Management while he was working as a food and beverage supervisor in a Hotel, but in reality that wasn't his passion. Rogers decided to change his career, and look for something more motivating and something that he would enjoy doing here in the USA, and during the job search he found the world of marketing. This is when Rogers decided to start working in the Sales industry to get the basics down. Then use his leadership skills and management skills from the hospitality background he had. Thats when he launched THiNK, the brand that always made him think about what marketing could be like if it was done his way. 

Rogers's goals are to provide the same opportunity for the managers in his organization by teaching, training and developing them to the highest standard possible. 

He also promised his mom as a young child, a house in Brazil. Real Estate investing is something that attracts Rogers Gonzalez since he knows that if he makes the right decision  investing in the right properties, he would be able to have his money working for him and not the other way around. So his long term goal is to save enough money to become an investor.

Rogers always says "Life is hard for those that don't make it easy". Get in touch if you wish to know more!


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