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Our Mission

'We are Think' Mission is to expand to 25 offices in the next 5 years. With the help of our executive team and our marketing strategies, we know that we will succeed. 

At the moment we have 4 Fortune500 companies that have asked for help with their face-to-face customer acquisitions campaign in 9 different cities here in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Once we finalize the expansion in the midwest market, then the next step is to prioritize the following Markets:

New York  LA  Houston  Philadelphia  Dallas Washington

Phoenix San Antonio Seattle San Francisco Las Vegas 

Denver  Charlotte Miami Boston Nashville Chicago 

With time we have concluded that "Marketing" is a recession-proof industry. Especially when you know how to utilize it for good. Companies that outsource our direct marketing services have seen how much they can grow, how fast they can grow, how much more cost-effective direct marketing is when outsourcing it, and better R.O.I. since we give them a 5 to 1 on what they invest and on the quality of the customers we bring on board. 

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