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Who we are?

Who We Are

As a new company that has landed in the best place on earth,  here in Austin, Texas. We are super excited to break into the market at a great place for our clients. We opened this market to achieve big goals for our clients and create a large impact on our other marketing competitors. We launched on August 3rd, with our CEO Rogers Gonzalez who has huge aspirations for fast development here in Chicago, Illinois. 

Drive and ambition are no doubt synonymous with our overall mission. Providing and exceeding our client's expectations of service is what we chiefly steer towards accomplishing! By having this focus, thanks to thorough training for our office members, the symbolic relationship of individual and client development becomes the center of success!


Ultimately, we are a firm that strives to surpass our clients’

requirements. Being equipped with an amazing attitude, a second to none work ethic, and desire above all to succeed, we are confident we will become one of the top agencies in the USA!




'We are Think' provides fortune500 companies and non for profit organizations the facilitation of conducting face to face marketing campaigns such as:

-Private Events

-Outdoor pop-ups events

-Indoor pop-ups events   

-B2B Promotions

-Retail Promotions

-B2C Promotions

When thinking about outsourcing our services, brands take into consideration the main advances that they can take from these marketing campaigns. 

With this being said they are able to notice how cost-effective outsourcing the direct marketing through could be since we only charge when results are brought to the table. Also the quality of only increasing their customer acquisition only when customers are willing to stay loyal for at least 24 months with the products or services being sold.

We are THiNK has been established to service an identified gap in the market for quality face-to-face customer acquisition in the Austin market. At the end of the day, let’s face it, consumers these days have many avenues of choice when it comes to product acquisition and because of which are much more selective with what they choose. Yes, although all other forms of advertisement – all the way from television to radio and even online media, etc – can create brand awareness, the way any company makes revenue is through results, from customers buying a product or service. And how we do that you ask, we provide direct local and national coverage for all our clients.

We become an ambassador of your brand, we treat your values as our own. We Are THiNK delivers 100% ROI on your investment, making a risk-free and continuously expanding profit margin for our clients. We provide a constant growth of new customers, increase market share, and stand their respective industries. 


Our ‘no gain, no fee’ business philosophy has guaranteed immediate success in the short time we have been open.

We are THiNK understands that in business the bottom line always talks.


We pride ourselves on having one of the finest customer acquisition teams in the USA and guarantee our clients 100% return on investment.


THiNK achieve quantifiable positive results in both brand awareness and customer acquisition through the delivery of our customer-friendly approach and from acting on behalf of a unified goal to achieve success in our driven and electric team-based environment.


Marketing and Events


From the use of our creative and fresh marketing strategies, we’re able to build a concrete reputation for our clients in a cut-throat market.


For the client, THiNK provides guaranteed results. How? by bringing the brand directly to the customer providing a great opportunity to increase both the market share and brand identity for all our clients. This method of exposure and the use of our direct marketing approach is not only cost-effective for the client, but it introduces a very fast-paced coverage of their products and services, with very flexible targeting.

Acting on behalf of our client's goals, agendas, and company ambitions the lovely team at THiNK are the walking, talking, and in no doubt, the smiling epitome of our client's brand values. Understanding there are vast many ways a brand can be promoted, the formation of sales strategies, and continuous versatility in the approach of different requirements of our clients are a consistent theme in THiNK's success. THiNK's ability to adapt and meet any client's needs to reach any client's chosen demographic, in any specific area, plays an integral role in their continued success.